Using powerful graphics and animations I regularly speak about bird migration research and conservation for birdwatchers, nature conservation organisations, universities and other audiences. I have also organised several scientific symposia and public events about bird research and conservation. Get in touch if you like me to talk at one of your events (in English, Dutch or French)!






Upcoming events

JAN 25-26 2018 - VLIZ Oostende (BE)
LifeWatch Belgium

Migration and movement ecology of Marsh Harriers breeding in the Low Countries

FEB 13 2018 - Congres centre ´De Werelt´, Luntren (NL)
Netherlands Annual Ecology Meeting 2018

Co-convener symposium "Ecology of Movement and Dispersal"

FEB 24 2018 - University of Antwerp (BE)
Belgian Bird Day 2018

Onderzoek aan en monitoring van akkervogels in Vlaanderen: cases van Werkgroep Grauwe Kiekendief

SEPT 3-5 2018 - Bird Migration Center, Tarifa (SPAIN)
3rd Bird Migration & Climate Change Congress

Panel discussion: monitoring migrant raptors through migration counts.


Recent events

Vlaams- Nederlands Akkervogelsymposium - Okt 21st 2017, Provinciehuis Leuven (BE)

Landelijke Dag SOVON - NOU Symposium - Dec 2nd 2017, Ede (NL)

#EOU2017 Symposium 1:  Orientation and navigation of birds: recent advances - August 19th - 24th 2017, Turku (Finland)

#BOU2017: From Avian tracking to population processes - March 28th - 30th 2017, Warwick (UK)

This Teeming World - Expedition3: Certain Movements - December 12th 2016, Artis Library, Amsterdam (NL)